Here are a few sites you might want to check out.
Australian & International Links
XY Magazine
This site contains articles from XY Magazine which is non-profit and staffed by volunteers. As they say in their blurb, “XY affirms a healthy, life-loving and non-oppressive masculinity, and supports the men's networks for change in Australia. XY is male-positive, pro-feminist and gay-affirmative.”
Sydney Men's Network
A valuable site containing many articles by the founder of the Sydney Men's Network, Paul Whyte, on Mens Groups, male discourse and Leadership (see Sydney Men's Network in the Resources Section).
Inside information for separated men.
Pathways To Manhood
The Pathways to Manhood weekend workshops are a non-profit community initiative to assist young men feel fully part of their community and for fathers and other older men to interact positively with the boys, providing positive role models
Finch Publishing
This is the site of Finch Publishing best known for publishing Steve Biddulph's book Manhood. Finch publishing is currently working on a number of exciting new titles dealing with social issues, parenting and relationships.
Australian Federation of Men's Health and Wellbeing Associations Inc.
The site links to the other members of the federation. Has a chat site.
Men's Information and Support Centre Inc. SA
* We seek the wellbeing of men and boys in the context of social justice. * We acknowledge the need for change in our selves in order: *to recover from the societal oppression that limits our emotional expression and alienates us from other men; *to develop our natural warmth, nurturing and gentleness in all areas of our life including our parenting. *to build better relationships with women, children and other men.
The Men's Health Information and Resource Centre (MHIRC)
The Men's Health Information and Resource Centre (MHIRC) is a pro-social health initiative based at the University of Western Sydney. It is funded mainly by NSW Health. This site is a springboard to a range of web sites about the health & well-being of men & boys. It also provides information about the Centre's projects and has a selection of articles concerning men's and boys' health.
The Men's Bibliography
The men's bibliography, a bibliography of writing on men, masculinities and sexualities. It lists more than six-thousand books and articles, sorted into over thirty major subject areas. On paper it is about 275 pages long. This bibliography is free and for public use. You are most welcome to make use of this bibliography, and to link it to your own web sites. Also feel free to circulate this announcement.
Certified Male
Sample articles from Certified Male magazine a quarterly magazine produced by a group of men in the Blue Mountains and edited by Peter Vogel
Arguealbly the largest mens site on the net. Supports many different kinds of mens communities. (Recommended)
Fatherhood Foundation
This website has been prepared to inspireyou to catch the vision for excellence in fathering in Australia.
Community Services Directory
The Community Services Directory of the Australian Governments Child Support Agency is a large online data base of contacts and resources in Australia. New listings are taken on line. The site has a number of search tools available.

Updated 12/6/2018