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If you would like to know anything more, please contact us by email or call Paul Whyte on 02-9879 4979. And in case you need further reassurance, here's a few words from Steve Biddulph seeking your support.

      Request from Steve Biddulph

      Every now and then in history, the human race shows a sudden surge of common sense! These upwellings seem to arise spontaneously, involve large numbers of people changing their opinions and behaviour, and are so-called “movements”. In 200 years we've had the anti-slavery movement, women's suffragette movement, the peace movement that ended the Vietnam War, and the green movement. All of these have somewhat improved our lives and our chances of survival.

      The biggest problems facing us today centre around the MALE OF THE SPECIES. We males do the most damage, die earlier and have all kinds of trouble with health and well-being. We have a lot of trouble keeping our families intact, and giving our lives with any meaning beyond paying the mortgage.

      In 1994 I wrote a book about this called Manhood. Manhood was a SOLUTIONS book, and it tackled all kinds of practical areas for men. Manhood became a cult book in Australia; after two years it is still selling around 3,000 copies a month, making it number 12 on the bestseller list. It has been the subject of more than 200 media interviews and has proved to be a significant and life-changing book for many men and women. I've lectured on Manhood to 30,000 people in nine countries, and it's starting to get through! There are now “men's movements” worldwide with a positive and mainstream following. It is beginning to bring changes in the corporate, political, and personal worlds. Now, we are going online, and we need your help…

      If you're interested in:

        • helping men be better fathers;
        • helping men stay married and in respectful and equal relationships with women;
        • helping boys and teenagers turn out as safe, productive, creative human beings;
        • helping change life's priorities from economic rationalism to life-affirming co-operative ways of living in our cities and countryside;
        • preventing violence, social disintegration and crime; and
        • keeping yourself and your fellow men, and women, alive and well
      then you can help promote the men's movements by supporting Manhood Online. This interactive website is a world first, an Australian project that will link positive programs in prisons, schools, for parents, workplaces, families, and men and women interested in positive development for MEN. Manhood Online has a team of 16 top specialists in their field, who are donating their time free of charge. It was integrated by HotHouse Interactive Productions, one of Australia's leading website design houses, and seeded by Microsoft to allow initial development. This work is now all done. Your help is needed to contribute to its continued success…

      Please come on board and help us.


Updated 2/4/2004