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Can you remember that intensely overwhelming sensation when you first held your newborn son or daughter? I remember feeling joyful and tearful, and yet being acutely afraid of the responsibility - WOULD I GET IT RIGHT?

Nothing looks quite as fragile as a newborn human baby, and nothing quite so unprepared as the 20th century Dad.

After twelve years of parenthood, I still feel challenged and vulnerable on an almost daily basis, but I also feel accomplished, resourceful, and proud of how my kids are turning out. This comes from the many experiences survived, lessons learned, and a sense of confidence that there IS human wisdom, and people who will know what to do even if I don't. I've figured out that parenting is something that we collectively help each other to do. You're not alone.

We know that fathers or father-figures are vital to boys' identity, and to girls' confidence and self-esteem. We know that uncling and grandfathering are a huge help, and that when men work alongside women in the task of raising kids, their mutual wisdom and balance brings up great human beings.

If you're a Dad, this page is for you. Mothers are very welcome. Young guys and girls, and kids, are all welcome to these pages. Elders with experience to share are especially welcome.

You'll find a new story each month, and we will link in great pieces of writing/poetry/stories/images as they arrive. Send in what you find precious and helpful.

Steve Biddulph has been a family therapist for eighteen years, and specialized in the healing of trauma and abuse. His simple books on making parenthood a more positive experience have become worldwide bestsellers - Secret of Happy Children is published in six languages, and has sold over half a million copies. More Secrets, The Making of Love, and more recently Manhood have also attracted worldwide praise and interest.

Steve is interested in rehabilitating men, and in reconciling men and women after generations of wounded relationships. He speaks worldwide to more than 20,000 people per year, on the subject of raising sons, improving schools for boys, and the creation of a more confident and safe kind of masculinity.

Steve lives in the forest on the north coast of NSW, with his family.

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