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If you share the growing concern for boys in education join us. We hope to raise many issues and share a wide variety of points of view. Issues like:
    • how well are boys going at school?
    • why do boys do so poorly in literacy?
    • how can parents and teachers help boys' emotional development?
    • what are the special roles of fathers in boys' education?
    • what are the contributions of sport to boys' lives?
    • how can cooperative learning, particularly male models of cooperation, help boys in the classroom?
    • what part does violence play in boys' culture and what action is needed?
    • how is masculinity constructed in our society and how might we change the constructions?
    • what are the physical and developmental characteristics which influence boys' education?
    • who is writing about boys' education and what are they saying?
    • what are the equity issues for boys in education?
    • how can adult male friends and relations develop mentoring relationships with boys?
    • should we adopt positive discrimination for aspects of boys' education?
    • how can boys learn to relate appropriately to women and girls?
    • can we develop win-win models in which boys benefit from a focus on the issues for girls and girls benefit from a focus on boys' education?
So join in. Read an article, write an article, post a thread, send an email, let us know about a topic you would like discussed, talk to a friend or, down the track a little bit, join a chat session.

Rex started developing professional development courses for teachers on issues in boys' education with Steve Biddulph and others in 1992. This led to a series of meetings with teachers who were expressing a concern for boys' education and were seeking ideas about how to help boys in the classroom. Since then Rex has conducted hundreds of courses with teachers throughout Tasmania and in other states.

He has a particular interest in boys' literacy, critical literacy, the construction of masculinity, boys and emotions and developing equity programs for boys' education. Rex has done most things in education. He has been a student, teacher, lecturer, researcher, curriculum developer, evaluator and now, a presenter of training and professional development courses. Rex is founder and director of Quality Educational Services, a company formed to undertake professional development, research and evaluation in education and training. His has written a number of books and developed programs dealing with mathematics teaching, learning and literacy.

Rex is also the father of Mathew and Gavin.

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Updated 2/4/2004