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Welcome to the Men's Politics area of Manhood Online. Over the coming months, this will be fertile ground for developing an understanding of the politics of the men's movement as well as ideas for putting men's issues onto the political map. I'm keen for it to lead to some concrete actions rather than just being a place for wistful wishful talking. Here are what I think are some of the key issues in men's politics and some actions we can direct ourselves towards. Of course, this is just the beginning - what would you like to add to the list? Some issues:
    • Inequity before the law, especially family court
    • Discrimination in the juvenile justice system
    • Lack of health services (mental and physical) for men
    • Unemployment
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Balancing work and family life
Some actions:
    • Developing a "masculist" awareness in the news media
    • Raising awareness of men's issues in all areas of government
    • Breaking down the isolation between men to enable us to become an effective lobby group
    • Consciousness-raising amongst men and women
    • Challenge androphobia (irrational fear of men) and misandry (hatred of men) in the media
    • Personal actions - "just say NO" to sex-based unreasonable expectations or treatment
By the way, Certified Male magazine is dedicated to these issues and more. For subscription information, email me: You can see sample articles at

Peter is 41 and married with three children (girls, 4,6 and 8). He lives in a large house he built, with a little help from friends, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

For the first three decades of his life, Peter was consumed by work in the electronics field, and by participation in various social change movements. But like many men, he had little "real" contact with men.

As father to three daughters, and working from home, his life was full of females. He quite envious of the mums (and the rare dad) who were full-time carers and longed to have more contact with children and other parents.

Three years ago he joined a men's support group, started going to men's festivals and gatherings, got involved with a local men's network, helped found a men's health group, lobbied on men's issues, and started Certified Male magazine.

Peter is an action-oriented person who believes that to bring about lasting change, men need to become involved with both the political and personal levels of the men's movement.

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Updated 2/4/2004