Unfortunately the old site runs on software that is not easily updated and is no longer supported. The old site is still running and will be left running until all of the data is finally ported into the new site that runs on Lotus Notes Domino and a wide range of supported platforms. So that the site can grow and be easily maintained the porting has been fast tracked and new articles are on the new site that never will be on the old site. The main articles have been ported and the forums and contacts lists redesigned. The old site still contains lots of replys to manzine articles, many snapshots and some contacts that are not yet in the new. I would very much appreciate more folks helping with the copy and paste work. You can do it with your browser.
If you want to go to the old site just click the icon above or on the home page. If you find some thing that is on the old site that is not yet on the new site you may wish to spend some time copy and pasting to the new. Thanks you for your support of the site as it changes. The events data is not yet supported on the new site however a link is provided to this feature on the old site. It will be included in the new site in the near future.

Paul Whyte Editor Manhood Online,
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