Welcome to the Manhood E-mail Server Discussion List - the place where you get to have your say with e-mail on the topic of your choice. After you have subscribed you can add your contribution or start a new discussion. Subscribers to the server list will receive the e-mails sent to the list in their e-mail.

    There are no formal rules but we do ask that whatever you say, you express it in a compassionate way.

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    To view the discusion so far with your browser click here. You will be challenged for a user name and password. Please use: "discussion" as the user name and "discussion" as the password. Of course please leave out the " " marks. The database will work with most older browsers.

    You will need to be subscribed to the server list to be able to post to it. Once you have been subscribed send your contribution to the discussion by e-mail to: discussion@manhood.com.au

    Updated 2/4/2004

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