Men and Prisons - Lee Hodge

I have a passionate curiousity in what it means to be male in a custodial environment and in watching men struggle with what are essentially the same questions I have. I am interested in, and awed by, the way that men - particularly young men - survive in the put-down culture of detention. This often requires men to radically alter fundamental ways of behaving, which according to one young man "...tore chunks from my soul".

I'm particularly interested to hear from men and women about stories, comments and discussions on the making of meanings and the ways of being of men in prison.

Lee is Manager (Programs) at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre in Launceston, Tasmania. At 41, he is father to two daughters, stepfather to two sons and daughter, partner to Cecilia, Social Work lecturer, and drummer in a Celtic Blues/Rock Band.

Current Articles
Young men in detention
Respect in Prisons
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