Contributors’ Guidelines

We encourage you to contribute to Manhood Online. You can do it directly through posting threads to articles, emailing the Special Advisers, advising of events and gatherings, and participating in the newsgroups.

We also accept articles for publication in Manzine. We welcome contributions in whatever form - articles, reviews, stories, poetry, artwork, photos or letters.

We ask that all pieces are well-written, jargon-free and consistent with our editorial platform. If they meet this criteria, then we’d like to publish them.

Copyright will reside with the author but we reserve the right to keep your article for our Manhood archives so people can benefit from it over time.

Articles should be a maximum of 800 words. We encourage a style that is simple, direct and friendly. We welcome the expression of firm views but ask that it always be done with compassion.

We see articles as a jumping off point to build a community of interest around a particular issue. We particularly welcome pieces that deal with a specific event or situation and then draw lessons from that.

We have limited scope to commission pieces and where we do we ask for copyright over those pieces.

We are happy to print previously published pieces and will pay a modest license fee to do so.

Articles should be in Word format and either sent by email or submitted by disk and hard copy to:
      Manhood Online,
      PO Box 2064,
      Boronia Park NSW 2111.
Pieces will not be returned unless requested. Please direct queries to the editor, Paul Whyte, tel +(61)-2-9879 4979, fax 02-9817 0650 or to e-mail send to paulwhyte@* but please remove the * before sending the e-mail. The * has been added to block the SPAMers web crawlers.

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Updated 2/4/2004