Men and the Corporate World - Graeme Russell

The policy of contact with the special advisors has changed. Membership is no longer needed for contact with a special advisor. The site is now under a new sponsor and editor and not all of the special advisors have been contacted. Those who have agreed will have their E-mail listed below

If Graeme has his name in the list below you may send him an e-mail about Men and the Corporate World by clicking on his name.

In your email please don't forget to say if it is OK or not for Graeme to post your question/comment and the reply in the Manhood Online Forums?

You may also try the another on the list of advisors below or send a message to the Manhood Online Volunteers Group

To send an e-mail to the Manhood Online Volunteers group. Send to volunteers@* but remember to remove the * before sending. The * has been added to all the e-mail addresses to block the SPAMers web crawlers.

John Allan Men & Spirit Special Advisor: john@*

Michael Green QC Fathers after Divorce Special Advisor: magnews@*

Graeme Russell Men and the Corporate World Special Advisor: grasue@*

Lee Hodge Men and Prison Special Advisor: l.hodge@*

Rex Stoessiger Boy's Education Special Advisor: rex_stoessiger@*

Peter Vogel Men's Politics Special Advisor: pvogel@*

Paul Whyte Manhood Online Editor and Men & Emotions Special Advisor: paulwhyte@*

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Updated 2/4/2004