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Something’s happening. More and more men are starting to look at themselves in different ways. The change is not overwhelming but it is happening. For some time now, women have been active in freeing themselves. It’s time men did the same. We know of men all over the world who are discovering a masculinity that is protective and gentle, energetic and positive, open and self aware. A more exuberant and loving kind of man is emerging from old, uptight and distant models of the past. This Manhood lies in all men. And Manhood Online is dedicated to giving it a voice.

To this end, Manhood Online will provide a constant stream of inspiring stories about a wide range of men. We will feature quality articles, profiles and interviews falling under five general themes: Work and Education, Relationships, Fatherhood and Parenting, Health and Sexuality, and Spirituality. We will provide practical and helpful information on men’s services and support their development. We will encourage and facilitate the growth of men’s groups. Through a team of Specialist Advisers we will foster lively worldwide networks on specific issues as diverse as prisons and parenthood. We aim to provide a community where you can belong, contribute and be nourished.

Our language will be clear, direct and friendly. Our tone, confident and positive with a healthy dose of humour. (If we can’t have fun doing what we’re doing, then let’s do something else!) Our artwork and layout will avoid traditional stereotypes of men by presenting a space that is lively, attractive and grounded in real life. We will celebrate good, healthy men.

We draw our inspiration from Steve Biddulph and his book Manhood which has touched the lives of so many people, both men and women, in such profound ways. We’re privileged that Steve has played such a key role in the development of Manhood Online and encouraged that he has agreed to remain an ongoing contributor.

At its core, Manhood Online is about assisting men to do their inner and outer work - together. Without the inner work men risk becoming blundering fools; without the outer work, indulgent navel gazers. But with both, men become a force for good. And that’s why Manhood Online is committed to assisting men not only to deal with their grief, their sexuality, ideals, dreams, relationships and spirituality but also to participate fully and constructively in the workplace, the family and the community. It’s not about wallowing. Nor is it about whingeing and complaining. But it is about supporting women in their liberation, and avoiding a competitive frame of reference. In short, it’s about Better Men For A Better World.

At Manhood Online we value the many different voices speaking on men’s issues. We cannot speak for all men, or for the men’s movements as a whole, but we will publish material that supports men healing the pain - and freeing the potential - of all people, and all life, everywhere.

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Updated 2/4/2004