Father's Day Celebration


Fatherhood and Parenting
Author Tony Webb

Father's Day is usually honoured by a pair of socks and perhaps a special meal. It doesn't quite carry the same significance as Mother's Day but in 1998 Sydney Australia the NSW Men's Health and Wellbeing Association is holding a special Father's Day breakfast to celebrate the importance of fatherhood.

Dr George Burkitt, the President of the NSW Men’s Health & Wellbeing Association and a specialist in men’s health, sees a critical need for the community to give greater recognition to the importance of fathers. It is hoped that the day will be a celebration of fatherhood and a recognition of the importance of dads in families. The changing nature of families and the economic pressures families are constantly under means often dads spend less time with their kids than they would like. As Charles puts it, time is perhaps the greatest gift a child can have from their father.

Coordinating the event is Phil Dye, author of the soon-to-be-published "Father Lode". For Phil, many dads are now unsure of their role as a father. Fatherhood has become a vague term in the past decade. Dads are often confused about society’s expectations of fatherhood and there are often conflicting roles. This means being a dedicated dad and having a career often don’t go hand in hand. Recent Australian research shows that not only are men anxious about their role as a father but they don’t ask for help when concerned about their fathering.

Perhaps that’s why more men are jumping off the career treadmill in order to spend more time involved with their children. Fathers who try to juggle full time work, full time fathering and a full time relationship do an incredible job.

The special Father’s Day breakfast will be held at St Leonard’s Park, North Sydney and will begin at 10 am 1998. Dads are asked to bring their children as the morning will include bush dancing, guessing competitions, wheel barrow races, a tug-o-war and frisbee games. Mums are also invited to join in the fun.

For more information you can contact either Phil Dye (014-678 178 or 048-871 377), Tony Webb (02-9550 4346) or George Burkitt (02-9427 0966).

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